Exceptionally reliable electronic monitoring for Home Confinement and Offender Management Services

ProntoTrak’s innovative electronic and drug/alcohol monitoring systems offer state-of-the-art GPS technology to serve criminal justice agencies, courts, and individuals.

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Our Mission

We equip law enforcement and corrections agencies with electronic monitoring services, delivered with unparalleled customer service, helping create safer communities with the use of trusted, reliable Offender Management Solutions.

Our Approach

Our approach combines the latest technology with decades of law enforcement and criminal justice experience to provide superior electronic monitoring service and support. ProntoTrak’s reliable electronic monitoring solutions integrate into existing agency systems and our experienced personnel provides guidance throughout the entire process.
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Our Services

ProntoTrak implements our community supervision services to accommodate the needs of the court and to help the defendant successfully comply with the court-ordered conditions – at no cost to the local court, taxpayer or government.
We offer exceptionally reliable electronic monitoring services for defendants requiring special conditions of release.
House arrest, home confinement, ankle monitoring, drug testing, and alcohol monitoring are other instances where electronic monitoring serves as an effective accountability solution.


Electronic monitoring services assist defendants and corrections agencies remotely monitor the location of a defendant awaiting trial, restrict offenders from specific geographical areas, and even enforce curfew hours.

We offer a variety of electronic monitoring solutions including:

  • Radiofrequency electronic monitoring
  • SCRAM touchpoint
  • Securus enrolling
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Alcohol and drug monitoring solutions help offenders manage their daily lives, allowing them in some instances to return to work or attend alcohol recovery programs.

We offer a variety of substance monitoring solutions including:

  • SCRAM remote breathe
  • Hair drug testing
  • Sweat patch monitoring
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Our Pronto Case Management Software

Pronto Case Management Software is a comprehensive application designed to manage all aspects of your probation and electronic monitoring caseload.  From case initiation to discharge, Pronto will provide the information necessary to meet your supervision and reporting needs.
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California Repeals Use of Numerous Offender-Pay Fees with AB1869

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Facial Verification Versus Facial Recognition

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