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There is a lot to digest after leaving court. The legal paperwork can be confusing. We are here to help. Our company offers a spectrum of programs and technology to meet the needs of the criminal justice system. Our highly trained specialist are here to assist you through the enrollment process, daily participation, and successful program completion.


How it works…

  • Reach out to us to discuss your situation by completing our online form followed by a phone call
  • Our staff will select the monitoring equipment that is right for you
  • We will schedule an enrollment appointment and provide orientation
  • We will provide all reports and information directly to the referrer
  • The referrer can start and stop the program when desired

We will prepare a Program Summary Report for the referrer, an attorney, or a court (if necessary)


Available Best-in-Class Electronic Monitoring Solutions

Alcohol Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

House Arrest

Phone App Monitoring

General Inquiry

Please use this form to contact us for general inquiries. If you have specific questions regarding your program rules, payments, or anything that is time sensitive, please contact us at (678) 455-0525.

Application for services

Please use this form to contact us prior to enrollment. Next, call us at (678) 455-0525 to discuss your case and schedule an enrollment.