The difference between GPS and Continuous Alcohol Monitoring

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We get asked a lot if the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring units we have in our stock are the same as the many different GPS bracelets we offer to clients. The truth is, they are a completely different product and it’s important to know the difference when choosing your product line for participants. While the CAM bracelet does not have built-in GPS, we can offer many other other solutions that can be used simultaneously with or in lieu of a continuous alcohol monitoring bracelet for a seamless, accessible, and cheap option for participants. Whether it’s a different GPS bracelet entirely, an app, remote breath device, or something else, we have all the products and services you need to create alcohol monitoring program suite to best suit your needs.

First consider your “Offender Risk”

For low- and medium-risk alcohol offenders, the SCRAM TouchPoint™ Mobile Smartphone App or Enrollink is a convenient way to stay in contact with clients and can be used in conjunction with the CAM device. The secure messaging, alert system, and check-in options allow for GPS points to be tracked according to the schedules set by the agent and participant.

Alcohol Monitoring and GPS for High-Risk and Repeat Offenders

If you have high-risk or repeat alcohol offenders in your monitoring program, we can always offer both a GPS option as well as continuous monitoring solutions. This might take the form of a remote breath device and a monitor, which can be scheduled or requested on demand as well as used with constant tracking. If two monitors are what you require for your participants, we can do that too. We offer multiple vendors and devices to curate the best plan to fit the best price and package.

Whether you work with high- or low-risk clients, consider the best options and give us a call. We can put together the best packages and price points for your needs to give you a comprehensive list of products and services for you and your team.

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